Offcut Pricing and Packs

To make pricing simple for you, Tubeway are now supplying Offcuts of either 2, 3 or 4mm sheet thicknesses, in (minimum) 10kg packs at a fixed price. The packs are set at rock bottom prices and all offcuts included have protective film on both sides and are as new - not returns, rejects or seconds in any way.

Because the packs are the same weight, each thickness has a different area of sheet:

  • 4.10m2 in 2mm thickness, or
  • 2.75m2 in 3mm thickness, or
  • 2.05m2 in 4mm thickness

Every piece in the pack is a minimum of 300mm and a maximum of 1220mm, making the pack convenient to handle and store. Because they are Offcuts, there are no large "square" pieces or very narrow ones. We assemble and seal the packs ready for sale, and we are unable to hand-pick the contents, however a sample pack of 4mm Offcuts contained one each of these sized pieces:

1220 x 300mm, 1220 x 400mm, 600 x 300mm, 500 x 380mm, 650 x 360mm, 1100 x 320mm, 500 x 400mm and 410 x 390mm.

The total weight of the pack contents was 10.5kg and the combined surface area was 2.15m2.

Please note that as the available Offcuts change on a daily basis, we cannot list what is available, or the pack contents. We do not have the facility to allow Offcuts to be browsed or individually selected.

To buy our Offcut Packs online, visit Secondary DIY Glazing where you can also buy our Secondary Glazing and Draught Excluder products, along with Cut to Size Polycarbonate Glazing sheet.

Alternatively, phone our Sales team on 01473 251051 during office hours who can take card payment over the phone.

Product Code Minimum Content £ ex Vat
4mm Offcuts Pack SPOFF4 10kg 44.00
3mm Offcuts Pack SPOFF3 10kg 44.00
2mm Offcuts Pack SPOFF2 10kg 44.00

Standard delivery charges apply.